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New Year's Resolution

Long time, no post... oops!

I've still been active on LJ; just been posting on communities rather than my own account. But I'm going to try to get back to posting at least a little more frequently than every year and a half. So to that end, I'm posting a few New Year's Resolutions for myself. Yeah, it's already halfway through January but I'm still doing it!

- Finish a cosplay (Castle, Coraline, Empty Child, a million others I've had in my head)

- Volunteer (Colonial Players, haunted house, cons, anywhere just get back into it)

- Read E's novel (at long last!)

- Get to a horror con

- Visit M+S in Florida

- Explore an abandoned place

- Get the exercise bike fixed and then actually use the damn thing regularly



Hello and Goodbye!

Yeah, I haven't updated this LiveJournal in a very long time and now it will be even longer before anyone can expect a proper update.

Today I am getting on a plane and flying to Puerto Maldonado, Peru to volunteer in a rain forest conservation research center for three months. 

Am I more nervous or excited? The answer is yes! :P I am a bundle of both at the moment. Mostly for the twenty hours of three different flights and long layovers in between that I am about to undergo. Hopefully once all that travel is over, the nerves will settle and I'll get more excited again. So don't excpect to see any updates from me in the next three months. But I promise that if I'm not eaten by a large predator while I'm gone, I'll share photos and stories when I return.

So take care everyone and I'll see you all around when I get back in December!

Drabble: Mommy

The soft voice who sung me to sleep at night. The steady hands that held me up as I took my first steps. The wide smile that reassured and encouraged when nervous butterflies threatened to take hold of me. The enthusiastic laugh that is always contagious even when laughing at herself.

Though trinkets and cards can’t hope to compete against years of love, I’m glad to see they make you smile.


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Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Book Review: Wolfbreed AND Wolf's Cross

Two book reviews for the price of one!

Wolfbreed and Wolf’s Cross by S.A. Swann
Genre: Fantastical romance

Both books take place in the same universe, Wolfbreed set a few years before Wolf’s Cross. There is a very thin line connecting the two together but it is not necessary to read Wolfbreed first, to which I say ‘Thank goodness!’ Skip Wolfbreed and just read Wolf’s Cross; it has a lot more to offer than its predecessor.

Wolfbreed by S.A. Swann
My rating: One and a half out of five stars

She is a monster, trained from birth by her master to be a killer. She knows no other way to life. And yet she escapes from him, searching for freedom from her captivity. He is an orphan who carries with him the scar of the massacre that destroyed his childhood. He lives his life as well as he can, though his past haunts his every step. What happens when the two meet in the woods?

The story is as cliché as possible. As soon as you read the set up, you can easily guess at everything that comes. Nothing is a surprise. You can predict the twist ending in an instant

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Wolf’s Cross by S.A. Swann
My rating: Three and a half out of five stars

A girl with her heart torn in two directions. To one side, the caring soldier who offers her a life of safety and normalcy. To the other, the passionate werewolf who offers her excitement and the key to her true self. Who will she turn to in the end, who will claim her heart as his?

A far superior story to its predecessor, Wolfbreed. The characters are fleshed out much better than the original cast, and the story much more engaging. Definitely a step up for Swann.

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Book Review: Tweet Heart

Tweet Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick
Genre: YA romance
My rating: Two out of five stars

It’s a teen novel. That is the one thing I kept telling myself as I was reading this. It’s a teen novel, so it’s okay for it to be cliché and predictable. And, in a way, it was okay. But it was only okay. If Elizabeth Rudnick had dared to step outside of the box with her plot and characters, this book would have been fantastic. As it stands, Tweet Heart is okay.

Elizabeth Rudnick’s Tweet Heart is about a group of high school students dealing with relationship troubles. Will wants a real romance with his friend, Claire, but she only has eyes for an athlete who has never given her a second glance. When she’s feeling down one day, he decides to try cheering her up by going onto Twitter, creating an account under the athlete’s name, and talking to her. She’s thrilled to finally be connecting with the guy of her dreams but has no idea of the truth on the other side of the computer screen.

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Writer's Block: The Hunger Games

What book from your childhood would you like to see made into a movie?

ANIMORPHS. And a good adaptation too, not the hilariously awful Nick TV show (which tried really hard but failed even harder).

Writer's Block: The Fifth Dimension

If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?

Ugh, that's is a tough one! There are so many I would love to live in! But the first three that come to mind are the Dragonriders of Pern realm, the Leviathan realm, and the Temeraire realm. Though Narnia would also be cool. Or Middle Earth. Or Wonderland. Or Oz. Or SEE THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY.

Writer's Block: Bookmarks

What is the last great book you read?

I've been on a roll of good books recently. The Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld and the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins have been the best of the best. I keep meaning to write my own reviews on them...

100 Plus: Reason, Season, Lifetime

When once we sat in an impossibly tangled web of connections, holding us all together in its embrace, now axes have been taken to the strands of that web. Some are still as strong as ever, but some lie in shreds, the split ends reaching towards the floor with nothing else for them to hang onto.

I wish I could fix it all. Wish I could sew the severed strands together again. Wish I could bring us all back to that time before those beautiful connections were hacked away by failed romances and friendships. Wish that I could take everyone by the hand and set things right back to the way they once were.

I can touch that time in my photographs, can still crave it when I see our smiling faces. But I can never go back, can I?

I can only move forward. The forward motion will stretch and threaten those connections that still embrace me but I must accept the fact that some are meant to break. Those that remain intact are the lifelines I was meant to count on.


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Returned to my college to visit the friends still in class there. It was really great to see them all.

And yet... I could feel the change. And I hated it. But I am doing my best to reconcile with it, because changes comes with life, whether we like it or not.
I hate you. You are pompous and egotistical and ugly and an ass and... wait, I changed my mind. Forget everything mean-spirited I've ever said about you. I shall love you forever and ever!


I tease but actually I really enjoy Benedick, Beatrice, and their relationship. It's actually Hero and Claudio who get on my nerves in this play.